RIR Policy Proposal Overview

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RIR Identifier Name Current state Last change
ARIN ARIN-2022-12 Direct Assignment Language Update Draft Policy 2023-09-29
RIPE NCC 2023-03 Voluntary Transfer Lock Last Call 2023-09-21
ARIN ARIN-2023-4 Modernization of Registration Requirements Draft Policy 2023-09-21
LACNIC LAC-2023-5 Eliminación de ROA en caso de recursos recuperados Under discussion 2023-09-20
LACNIC LAC-2023-6 Special exception for global critical infrastructure providers Under discussion 2023-09-20
APNIC prop-148 Leasing of Resources is not Acceptable Abandoned at APNIC 56 2023-09-18
APNIC prop-152 Reduce the IPv4 delegation from /23 to /24 Did not reach consensus at APNIC 56 2023-09-18
APNIC prop-153 Proposed changes to PDP Did not reach consensus at APNIC 56 2023-09-18
APNIC prop-154 Resizing of IPv4 assignment for the IXPs Did not reach consensus at APNIC 56 2023-09-18
APNIC prop-155 IPv6 PI assignment for associate members Consensus 2023-09-18
LACNIC LAC-2022-2 Clarification: The lease of resources is not allowed under the policies in force Under discussion 2023-09-18
RIPE NCC 2023-01 Reducing IXP IPv4 assignment default size to a /26 Awaiting Decision from Working Group Chairs 2023-09-07
RIPE NCC 2023-04 Add AGGREGATED-BY-LIR status for IPv4 PA assignments Under discussion 2023-09-04
LACNIC LAC-2020-6 Miscellaneous Modifications to the PDP Ratified 2023-08-23
LACNIC LAC-2022-3 Managing Recovered Resources that were originally part of the Reserve for Critical Infrastructure Implemented 2023-08-22
ARIN ARIN-2023-7 Clarification of NRPM Sections 4.5 and 6.11 Multiple Discrete Networks and the addition of new Section 2.18 Organizational Identifier (Org ID) Draft Policy 2023-08-17
ARIN ARIN-2023-6 ARIN Waitlist Qualification Draft Policy 2023-08-16
ARIN ARIN-2023-5 Clean-up of NRPM Sections 4.3.4, 4.4, 4.10 and 6.10.1 Draft Policy 2023-08-14
APNIC prop-149 Change of maximum delegation for less than /21 total IPv4 holdings There was no consensus; these are still being discussed. 2023-07-21
RIPE NCC 2023-02 Minimum Size for IPv4 Temporary Assignments Awaiting Decision from Working Group Chairs 2023-07-12
LACNIC LAC-2023-2 Include IPv6 in the Text of Section 5 of the Policy Manual No consensus 2023-07-04
LACNIC LAC-2020-3 Impact Analysis Is Mandatory No consensus 2023-06-21
LACNIC LAC-2023-1 Clarify Definition of Consensus No consensus 2023-06-21
ARIN ARIN-2023-2 /26 initial IPv4 allocation for IXPs Draft Policy 2023-06-20
ARIN ARIN-2023-3 Amendment of the waitlist agreement to include a restriction on leasing Draft Policy 2023-06-20
LACNIC LAC-2023-3 Considerations for Declaring a Proposal Abandoned Under discussion 2023-06-06
ARIN ARIN-2023-1 Retire Slow Start Draft Policy 2023-05-23
LACNIC LAC-2020-10 Authorize Recipients of Delegated Blocks to Sign ROAs Implemented 2023-04-27
APNIC prop-145 Single Source for Definitions Pending implementation 2023-04-08
APNIC prop-147 Historical Resources Management Consensus 2023-04-08
APNIC prop-150 ROA/whois object with Private, Reserved and Unallocated (reserved/available) Origin ASN Consensus 2023-04-08
APNIC prop-151 Restricting non hierarchical as-set Consensus 2023-04-08
ARIN ARIN-2022-11 Clean-up of NRPM – Introduction of Section 2.17 Last Call (until 9 June 2023) 2023-03-21
ARIN ARIN-2022-4 Clean-up of NRPM Sections 2.1 and 2.2 Last Call (until 8 May 2023) 2023-03-21
ARIN ARIN-2022-5 Clean-up of NRPM Section 2.11 Last Call (until 8 May 2023) 2023-03-21
ARIN ARIN-2022-8 Streamlining Section 11 Policy Language Last Call (until 8 May 2023) 2023-03-15
LACNIC LAC-2022-1 Unify Texts That Apply to Both IPv4 and IPv6 Implemented 2023-02-08
LACNIC LAC-2022-4 PDP Chair Elections Implemented 2022-12-19
LACNIC LAC-2021-5 Update End-User and End-Site Definitions No consensus 2022-11-28
ARIN ARIN-2021-8 Deprecation of the ‘Autonomous System Originations’ Field Last Call (until 8 May 2023) 2022-10-26
ARIN ARIN-2022-2 Remove Barrier to BGP Uptake in ASN Policy Last Call (until 8 May 2023) 2022-09-13
ARIN ARIN-2022-3 Remove Officer Attestation Requirement for 8.5.5 Last Call (until 8 May 2023) 2022-06-21
AFRINIC AFPUB-2018-GEN-001-DRAFT08 Abuse Contact Policy Update Under discussion 2022-05-14
AFRINIC AFPUB-2020-GEN-006-DRAFT03 AFRINIC Number Resources Transfer Policy Consensus 2021-11-21
AFRINIC AFPUB-2021-GEN-003-DRAFT02 Policy Compliance Dashboard Consensus 2021-11-08
AFRINIC AFPUB-2018-GEN-001-DRAFT07 Abuse Contact Policy Update Consensus 2021-05-16
AFRINIC AFPUB-2019-GEN-006-DRAFT03 RPKI ROAs for Unallocated and Unassigned AFRINIC Address Space Ratified 2021-04-18